Looking For a Theme

I have written intermittently since starting to post again. I suppose when seeing something I agree or disagree to an exponential degree that sitting on my hands just won’t allow me to sit on my hands without feeling my head begin to burst. Seeing myself marching and yelling or ranting a rally just never seems to be a thing I would be interested in doing. It has never helped that so often when people who protest often can’t give a discernable reason for why they are there protesting.

While I don’t ever expect to make a living off of writing, I would like to find a theme or path for me to proceed in. While politics can be a way to show your support or opposition to ideas in a printed format, I don’t enjoy the anger created. I read and watch quite a few shows about the paranormal and unexplained. I enjoy history a great deal as well. Not the history that often gets taught, but the history that is the true picture of the past.

Anyhow, if anyone reading has any suggestions for a path or theme, I am all ears and eyes. Thank you ahead of time.


About ebarnett71

There's a great deal about myself that I find hard to explain. I am older and at a point in my life where what seemed so important before seems insignificant now. Age does that to you. Finding frustration in our world is still possible though. I am by most definitions a realist who finds himself in a world which pleases me very little these days. Not because there isn't beauty in it, but there are buffoons who run it. If you stick around, I will rant, rave, and reflect. Some more than others. It is about the mood of the day and the climate of foolishness that will tell the weather report here.
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